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Lake Cebron - Leisure Lake and Park
The interest of this site resides mainly in landscape, ornithology and botany. A lake with 8.5 km of perimeter and 22 km of shores, that alternate between sand beaches and rocky cliffs in a wild natural setting. The site is a "must" as regards the practice of true outdoor leisure.

The activities include: Swimming with slide, Tennis, Bird watching, Fishing, Hiking and Sailing, remember all dogs must be held on a leash.

Time to venue: 35 mins.
Location: Plan d'eau Le Cebron, 79600 Saint-Loup-Lamaire
Futuroscope - High-tech Theme Park
Poitiers' best-known attraction is the giant high-tech film theme park called Futuroscope, 8km north of the city, a collection of virtual-reality rides which draw onlookers into the action on screen, with the result that you feel you're flying, being flung around, rocketing down a ski slope or catapulting through the solar system in a vertigo-inducing 3-D nightmare. Not for young children or faint-hearted adults.

The futuristic cinema pavilions are set in several acres of greenery around a series of undulating lakes, and the fifteen screens take some getting around, with plenty of walking between them, so it's wise to arrive early to beat the huge queues.

To see everything in the park in one day, with time off for lunch, takes about ten exhausting hours, and as well as seeing the screen entertainment, you should give yourself time to ride the oversized floating bicycles on the park's lakes. To orientate yourself, head first for La Gyrotour where a lift takes you to the top of the high rotating tower and you can get the full effect of the futuristic scenario.

Time to venue: 45 mins.
Location: Parc du Futuroscope, BP 2000, 86130 Jaunay Clan
Le Nombril du Monde the Story Garden
Visitors enter the world of the Navel and step into the life of its story making machines in an interactive sound garden, where you can listen to stories, make up your own or tell a tale or two. This unusual garden is a poetic leisure park, a tourist venue, an educational experience.

Time to venue: 25 mins.
Location: Herisson, 79130 Pougne-Herisson
Golf course of Mazieres en Gatine
Set amongst lakes and ancient trees, this course produces surprise after surprise behind each hedgerow. Take lunch or stay for longer in the chateau.

18 holes par 72
6585 yd
6 holes pitch & putt par 18

Time to venue: 20 mins.
Location: 79310 Mazieres en Gatine France
Lake Saint Cyr - Major Leisure Lake and Park
Saint Cyr Recreation Centre is set on the edge of an 85 ha lake within a 300 ha. nature reserve. Canoe, kayak and Pedalo rental at the lakeside. The large sandy beach area is monitored by Life Guards.

Other possibilities: Yachting, wind surfing, fishing, tennis, archery, jogging trail, water bikes, golf, play area.

Time to venue: 35 mins.
Location: Lac de Saint-Cyr, 86130 Saint-Cyr
BioParc - Zoo and Park
The zoo offers over 500 animals the chance to live in semi-liberty in an exceptional and most unusual troglodyte setting. Waterfalls, acacias and bamboo enhance the environment of the animals that live there, most of which are endangered.

Don't miss the giant aviary called the "Vultures' Pit", or the "Leopard Canyon", home to snow leopards, Sumatra tigers and jaguars.

Time to venue: 60 mins.
Location: 103 rte de Cholet F - 49700 Doue-la-Fontaine
Lac du Gué du Magne - Watersports Centre
Come and experience the thrill of water sports in an entirely renovated setting. Cable water skiing or boarding, a totally innovative and environment friendly activity which is electricity powered and suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Here you will also be able to enjoy water skiing in total safety, and without excess noise and boats: the water skier's cord is attached to a cable and the speed is adapted according to varying levels and styles.Wakeboard and waterskiing can also be mastered quickly and give quick and satisfying results.

The Exo-Active Park is 650m long and offers average speed levels of 30 km/h. Come and learn the joys of water sports in an entirely renovated site which offers you maximum enjoyment.

Other activities at the Gue Magne Recreation centre include: lifeguard monitored swimming by the beach, toboggans, games for children, a fitness trial course, mini-golf, kayaking, skate ramps, beach volleyball, multi-sport terrain, tennis courts, petanque, and fishing.

Time to venue: 45 mins.
Location: Teleski Nautique, Lac du Gue du Magne, 86330 Moncontour