Local Attractions - Page 2
Centre Equestre "La Galipote - Horse Riding"
We have a large outdoor riding arena for the majority of our vistors uses.

Main activities include: Obstacle courses, Dressage, Horseball, Pony Games, Strolls and Hikes. Groups and disabled people are welcome, horse riding lessons for school parties.

Equipment provided: Saddles, nets, brushes, riding caps.

Time to venue: 15 mins.
Location: Le Beugnon, 79310 Mazieres-en-Gatine
Lake Verruyes - Nearest Leisure Lake and Parks
Local lake for swimming, games, tennis, fishing, pedalos, picnic area, and restaurant.

Leisure and relaxation parks around an 18-acre lake.

Time to venue: 10 mins.
Location: 79310 Verruyes
Poitier - Capital of the Region
The city of Poitiers is centrally placed in the Poitou-Charentes region, of which it is the administrative capital. slightly off the main tourist routes, Poitiers is none the less a town steeped in history and this has resulted in a city with a lovely medieval heart containing numerous sites of interest.

Poitiers has the second oldest university in France after Paris which means it has a vibrant night life and lots of cultural activities.

Poitiers was the province's capital city even in Gallo-Roman times but its most famous and prosperous period of history was during the middle ages in the times of Eleanor of Aquitaine. In one of the most turbulent periods of French history, Eleanor had her marriage to Louis VII of France annulled and then married Henry Plantagenet who subsequently became King Henry II of England. As a result large areas of western France including Poitiers passed under English control. Poitiers became an English town as it was part of the dowry she brought to the marriage.

Surrounded by both the Clain and the Boivre rivers, the town lends itself to walks through its pedestrian streets and discovery trails.

Time to venue: 25 mins.
Location: Poitier